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Having a high-functioning office is important for productivity and business. When an office is organized and clean, the work and production flow will run more efficiently. Here are six tips for creating a higher-functioning environment.

Women sitting at a table with computers

1. Dust Surfaces Frequently

Remove everything from a desk, table, or shelf for a more organized space. Then dust those surfaces before putting the items back. Dust may seem harmless, but there are several benefits to regularly dusting an office space, such as:

  • Better air quality
  • Not breathing dust into your lungs
  • Looks tidier
  • Feels cleaner
  • No need to avoid certain areas

Although dusting may seem insignificant, it is actually a very effective tip for office organization. Dust will accumulate easily on computers, underneath papers, in vents, on high surfaces, or in any area that doesn’t often get touched. Taking care of this dust helps the area look more orderly and promotes better work function. This is because higher air quality lessens the likelihood of allergies or other sickness.

As a result, employees are more likely to feel better. When workers feel better, this is made manifest through their work and overall production.

2. Create A Clutter-Free Desk or Work Space

Clutter and dust-free desk

Clutter takes up necessary space and sometimes makes finding what you are looking for troublesome. For this reason, having a clutter-free desk is a very effective office organization tip. When the workspace is clear, it’s easier to disinfect regularly, stay organized, and locate what you need at a moment’s notice. You can clear the clutter by: 

  • Removing items off the desk to clean and then putting them back on neatly (as discussed above).
  • Reorganize often and put objects in their place.
  • Move or throw out what doesn’t belong. 

Repeat this process as often as needed. It’s easy to let clutter build; the more it builds, the more challenging it is to stay on top of it. Cleanliness and space provide more room to think and make the space less distracting. Having a clutter-free space is a valuable organizational tip for work as it will enhance the work environment. 

3. Create Clear, Established Walk Paths

Here’s an overlooked yet simple organization tip for the office: establish clear walking paths. Employees should have plenty of room to walk through the office without fear of tripping or stepping on misplaced items. Establish walking areas for employees and always keep them unclogged. Avoid putting objects (especially large ones) in the middle of a common walking area. 

Additionally, clean the floor and designated walking areas often by sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming. Cleaning the floors is advantageous and will help your office function at a higher level because:

  • Workers don’t have to watch their step or tread lightly. 
  • The office floor will be less distracting without crumbs or dirt lying around.
  • There are fewer roadblocks in the walking areas, which eliminates potential fire hazards or falls.

Establishing clutter-free walking paths will make the commercial area feel more organized and orderly.

A broom with a dustpan and mop

4. Create An Effective Labeling System

A proficient labeling and/or filing system cultivates a very functional office. Utilizing this tip for office organization allows employees to locate what they need quickly. Looking for an item through a disorganized mess will often waste valuable work time and sometimes even frustrate the employee. 

You can easily create a system by:

  • Using color-coded labels with a key explaining what each color means.
  • Using a filing system with folders, then organizing and labeling them in a cabinet or drawer.
  • Labeling shelves or drawers with stickers.
  • Having a set place and a label for all office supplies.

Organizing office materials is a phenomenal organizational tip for work because it will help employees make the best use of their work time and resources.

5. Disinfect Restrooms

You may wonder how this is an office organization tip when the bathroom isn’t technically the office. However, using the restroom sometimes allows employees to take a quick break before going back to work. If the restroom is overly dirty or has an unpleasant odor that has built over time, this may discourage employees (or even customers) from using the restroom. If an employee wasn’t able to use the restroom, this may make it more difficult to focus.

Here are some organizational and disinfecting tips for cleaning your restroom at work:

  • Wipe or spray countertops with a type of disinfecting cleaning agent.
  • Scrub the toilet with a toilet bowl cleaning agent and a scrubbing brush.
  • Sanitize the floors and take out the trash.
  • Clean light switches, handles, and mirrors. 

Having clean restrooms will help the workers feel like their work environment is clean and safe.

6. Don’t Let the Office Wastebaskets Overflow

This last office organization tip may seem simple, but it’s useful. Making sure your office wastebasket doesn’t overflow is a very effective tool for staying organized and creating a higher-functioning office. Trash overflow is common and may not seem like a big deal. It’s important to be aware of it, though, because:

  • Trash overflow is messy and untidy and can be knocked over easily. Consequently, taking care of this takes office time.
  • It creates a disorderly appearance.
  • Having trash on the ground can also result in more dirt being tracked around the office, resulting in more to clean and sanitize that could’ve been avoided. 

It’s a fairly straightforward process to stay on top of the overflow. If you take out the trash when the level is almost to the top, it doesn’t become a problem. 

Organization and cleaning are some of the main components to create a high-functioning workplace. These simple yet effective office organization tips can help you create the environment your work area needs to thrive. If you need a job done properly, contact us first.