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When welcoming employees and customers into your place of business, you want your space to feel comfortable and inviting. Commercial window cleaning makes your business presentable for an outstanding first impression for new clients. They also make a difference in the happiness and productivity of your employees. If you’re managing a rental property, showcasing the space in its best light is vital to attracting high-quality tenants. Luckily, Seattle Commercial Cleaners are pros at making your commercial windows spotless.

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Advantages Of Hiring Us As Your Window Cleaning Professionals

  • We are incredibly attentive to detail, especially while cleaning your commercial windows. We can spot any streak, smudge, or fingerprint. We get the job done and do it right! 
  • Our window-cleaning team is highly specialized for this specific task. Their combined experience and expertise have allowed the team to master this skill.
  • We are certified by the IWCA (International Cleaning Window Association).
  • We are certified by the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA).
  • We are constantly evolving and innovating for the specifics of the job. We will accommodate any of your unique needs.
  • We use industry-standard cleaning products for commercial window cleaning.
  • Our focus is on building long-term relationships with your company. For commercial window cleaning in Seattle, WA, when you do business with us, we thrive in the long run and will help your business to do the same.

Why Hire Experts? 

You may be tempted to forgo professional window cleaning and clean the windows yourself. Whether they’re windows in your storefront, office, or commercial property, you may think being armed with a bottle of Windex and some paper towels will accomplish the job. This works—sort of—but it can result in streaks if not used properly, and you’re sure to miss hard-to-reach places. Our team of professional window cleaners has industrial-grade materials and the proper tools to get the job done right. When you work with us, you will:

  • Save time. Don’t spend your time on commercial window cleaning if you don’t have to! Instead, focus on the tasks that will make you money and grow your business; we’ll do the rest.
  • Get top-notch service. Expert window cleaners know how to give your windows a streak-free shine with the best tools and techniques that can only come with experience.
  • Elevate your business. Putting your best foot forward with a clean office space will instill confidence in your customers and show professionalism.
  • Avoid injury. A task as simple as window cleaning can pose potential injuries for yourself or your employees. Let licensed and insured professionals take on the job and avoid the liability of commercial window cleaning! 
  • Extend the life of windows. Keeping your windows clean and debris-free can reduce wear and tear scratching and prevent damage and deterioration from worsening.

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Why Choose Seattle Commercial Cleaners for Window Cleaning?

With so many options, you may wonder why you choose Seattle Commercial Cleaners to clean your windows. We are a company that has:

  • Impeccable attention to detail
  • A team that specializes in each of their respective fields
  • High integrity
  • Experts who care about you and your business

Green Cleaning Products

Highly Qualified Cleaners

We Get the Job Done Right

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Industries We Serve


We follow your safety guidelines. Contact us for a walkthrough of your building prior to your customized quote.

Law Firms

Our professionals create a custom cleaning routine that maintains the confidentiality of sensitive and personal information.


From the kitchen to the dining area and restrooms, we keep your establishment sparkling with environmentally friendly products.

Commercial Offices

From entryways to desk spaces to restrooms, our professionals leave every surface spotless.

Schools and Government Buildings

Arrange cleaning for multiple buildings with a single point of contact. We make it simple to get started.

Small Businesses

Our customized cleaning plans work with your schedule and budget to meet your needs.


Our cleaning experts handle both high-traffic areas and sensitive spaces to keep your bank organized and secure.

Bars and Nightclubs

Our services fit your busy schedule. We’ll come when you need us and leave when you’re ready for us to go.

Car Dealerships

Whether it’s polishing the windows or deep-cleaning the showroom, we help you make a welcoming environment.

Churches and Places of Worship

We customize our cleaning plans to suit your needs. Expect professional service and respect for your sacred space.

Data Centers

Rest assured that your data center is always running at its peak potential. We clean thoroughly and safely.

Entertainment Centers

In the lobby or on the stage, we use green cleaning products and match our services to accommodate your special requests.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Health and sanitation are top priorities. We clean not just the equipment but also those hard-to-reach corners.

Medical and Healthcare

We disinfect and sanitize your entire facility, including all surfaces, equipment, and supplies.

Retail and Shopping Centers

Our team of experts is trained in all aspects of retail cleaning from routine maintenance to deep cleanings and restorations.

Shipping/Logistics Centers

A clean distribution center is an efficient one. We remove clutter and help you operate at peak capacity.

Sporting Venues

We make it easy to schedule recurring services so you are always ready for the next big event.

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Types of Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning is our business in Seattle, WA. By working with experts, you have people on your side and a staff who understands the nuances of your specific job, your windows, and your commercial building. We are also mindful that the type of window cleaning required may vary from business to business. For this reason, we provide other types of expert window cleaning services. These include:

  • Interior cleaning. We have the tools to clean every inch of your interior windows and the trained eyes to not miss a spot. This consists of those places that seem impossible to reach. Leave those problematic places for us.
  • High-rise window cleaning. Height isn’t a deterrence for our commercial window cleaning process. We have the expertise and the gear to clean windows no matter how high.
  • Exterior cleaning. We can get it all off between the wind, dirt, animal droppings, or streak stains from the rain. The windows will look like nothing was ever there! 
  • Screen cleaning. A streakless, shining window is pointless if the screen behind it is dirty and unsanitary. We make sure both are spotless. 
  • Hard water removal. In Seattle, WA, this type of commercial window cleaning is necessary. However, it cannot be a challenging and time-consuming process without the tools and knowledge of how to scrub it off. We can save you time and frustration by cleaning your commercial windows ourselves. 
  • Glass door cleaning. These doors get fingerprints or other grime on them quickly, and it shows. Like your windows, we can help your glass doors stay immaculate and unstained. 

At Seattle Commercial Cleaners, we do all this and more! Just tell us what services you need.

Work with the Commercial Window Cleaning Specialists Today

If your commercial building, skyscraper, or high-rise feels dull and drab, our professional window cleaning experts can let in the light. Don’t deal with stained and dirty windows in your commercial property for one more day. Our variety of services and specialized staff will help you get a stainless window look and help your business appearance flourish. Let’s create the perfect partnership together. Call us now for a fast, free quote for your professional window cleaning project.

Areas We Serve: 

Our commercial window cleaning services extend from Seattle, WA, and nearby locations to Portland, OR.  Below is our Seattle office location.

Seattle Office Location


Ryan and his crew positively assured my concerns about safety and type of work to be performed. Roof cleaning, deck cleaning and entire house washing with excellent results and superb clean-up done all in one day. I Highly, highly recommend.

I received great personal service from the owner, Ryan. He cares about his business and cares even more about his customers. Seattle Commercial Cleaners provides top quality work and fair prices. I will definitely work with this cleaning company again.

Seattle Commercial Cleaners provided me with a “deep” roof cleaning and window washing. I was impressed with regards to their safety approach, and quality. I will be using them again and share their positive performance to others.

How It Works:

  1. To schedule a commercial window cleaning, complete an online form or call us during our hours of operation.  
  2. Let us know about your situation and unique cleaning needs. 
  3. We will provide a free quote for our cleaning services.
  4. Create a regular cleaning schedule with us. 

Our office hours are:

Monday through Friday from 7 AM – 6 PM 

Open by appointment on Saturdays 

Closed on Sundays.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I hire you for just commercial window cleaning?

Yes, but we offer various other services to compliment your clean windows!

How frequently do my commercial windows need to be cleaned in Seattle, WA?

It depends on the location of your building, how much foot traffic you have, and the type of business you own. We will set up a frequent window cleaning plan based on your company’s needs.