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Safeguarding Equipment in Seattle

Dust and other materials (like carpet fibers) can threaten the integrity of your data center’s equipment. But a dirty facility can also threaten the health of employees and lead to a significant loss of productivity. At Seattle Commercial Cleaners, we know that data centers have server stacks and delicate computer equipment that requires sensitive cleaning. Our professionals have the proper tools to thoroughly clean your space with attention to these details.

Why Professionally Cleaning Data Centers is Crucial

Seattle Commercial Cleaners offers deep, dedicated cleaning for data centers that eliminates contaminants that can affect system integrity. Our clients come to us for our consistently thorough work and because we do it all, from high dusting to disinfection.

Our cleaning team is trained to apply careful treatment to the precision electronics in data centers. Here are just some of the reasons you need professional cleaning.

  • Static electricity. When the floor of a data center isn’t cleaned regularly, static electricity can be a problem. Static discharge can lead to data corruption or even a fire, which is why periodic professional cleaning is recommended even on floors designed to prevent static buildup.
  • Neglected subfloor. The subfloor allows cooling air to flow up to your equipment. This area is also where the majority of dust accumulates. Our comprehensive data center cleaning services remove dust from all surfaces using proper materials and filters to prevent overheating and fire risks.
  • Dirty fans. Dust makes cooling fans work harder, which ultimately drives up your electric bill and increases your operating costs. Attention to cleaning can pay for itself in the long run with the increased safety and efficiency of your facility.

Get the Job Done Right

With more than a decade of experience cleaning and sanitizing properties, Seattle Commercial Cleaners has the tools, organization, and expertise to offer superior data center cleaning. We use industry-standard cleaning products, and we offer one point of contact for all of your cleaning needs. If you have multiple data centers or other associated office buildings, you can arrange all of your services with just one phone call.

You’ll see the difference in the professionalism and thoroughness of our data center cleaning services. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

Speak to an Expert Today

Your data center is like a living thing, composed of finely-tuned systems that work in flawless unison. With Seattle Commercial Cleaners, your facility is restored to dust-free spotlessness that keeps it ticking, unimpeded by contaminants.

Contact us at (206) 755-2949 to find out how our data center cleaning services support your facility’s need to perform efficiently.