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Employee satisfaction was once a catchphrase, but that era has long since passed. Happiness at work is, however, a necessity. When employees are satisfied, the workplace becomes more productive, motivated, and positive. It does not require a genius to determine how to make your employees happy.


Companies with a superior business culture, such as Google, are increasingly likely to attract the most talented employees. They enable the staff to feel like a team. Because it has been demonstrated that demonstrating concern for employee happiness increases their loyalty, resulting in their best performance ever.

When Fortune released its list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For,” the evaluation of a positive work environment was based on five key factors: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. Is your organization making an effort for increasing employee satisfaction based on these factors? If not, don’t worry. These are fundamental concepts that can be easily implemented.

1. Establish the Credibility of the Company

The future market dominance of your company is contingent upon its credibility. Its very name should inspire reverence in its target audience. A “credible” enterprise is one on which its customers can rely. In the end, however, you must employ your most powerful weapons to demonstrate your company’s dependability.

If you believe that a loyal consumer base is all that is required for success, you are mistaken. Your company’s credibility is enhanced by its extensive reach. In terms of employee happiness, this entails recognizing their efforts, providing just rewards, and showing concern for their well-being. 

2. Giving Respect

A miserable laborer would never claim to be content. Respect in the workplace should be a pillar of your company’s culture. Your business success is contingent on the people you meet along the road. Never consider respect to be a commodity that can be distributed like confectionery. Always regard others with respect.

72% of workers ranked courteous treatment of all employees at all levels as “very important” in a 2014 SHRM study, making it the most significant factor in employee job satisfaction. Therefore, to promote employee happiness, respecting your employees is crucial.

3. Promote Fairness

Company leaders must avoid appearing biased toward any of their subordinates. Playing favorites in the workplace will only lead to resentment. Sure, you may have a favorite employee (everyone does). Giving a certain worker preferential treatment, however, is unethical. It will make others doubt your leadership abilities. Therefore, support a culture in your organization where discrimination is not tolerated, which would result in increasing employee satisfaction.

“Act nice, play fair” is a good motto to follow in this case. Fostering a fair company culture means giving out fair compensation, fair promotions, and addressing problem areas. Create an environment that would make employees feel free or comfortable to air their grievances and open the lines of communication. It’s a surefire formula for employee happiness.

4. Make Employees Proud of Being in the Company

Pride in one’s work and one’s company is a powerful motivator and happiness initiator, and it has been shown to be a strong predictor of employee happiness. If your staff feels lucky to be employed by your company, you should give yourself a mental high five. It’s high praise, signifying excellent work.

Motivate them and make them feel good about what they’ve accomplished. It’s normal for workers to have some negative emotions. Stress and work-related pressures could be a cause. Some suggestions are as follows:

  • Hold workshops on self-improvement. Demonstrate to your staff how their efforts have contributed to the success of the company’s culture. Consequently, acknowledge their hard work and success in a public forum.
  • Hold staff meetings regularly. You, as their leader, must establish rapport with your followers. Your words of appreciation and approval will do wonders for their spirits and for increasing employee satisfaction in general. One surefire way to boost morale and productivity is to show your staff that you value their input.
  • Dole out incentives on occasion and as needed. Options like gift cards, gym memberships, and telecommuting jobs are practically limitless. Even little things such as these can contribute to employee happiness.
  • Give workers more responsibility. They will feel valued and proud of their contributions. Trust them, and it will show.
  • Listen to and consider the feedback of your staff. Facilitate staff communication about ideas and suggestions. Organize sessions for coming up with ideas.
  • Think about what they say and work to put their suggestions into action. Explain the potential success or failure of various theories.

5. Encourage Camaraderie

Team spirit can do wonders for morale and productivity in the workplace. In a nutshell, fellowship is the time-honored practice of getting together with other people. People, like wolves, accomplish more when they’re part of a team. Simply put, we are hardwired to interact with others. Thus, maintaining a regular social life is beneficial to our mental health and can contribute to employee happiness

Employees playing ping pong

It’s probably a typical sight in workplaces everywhere to see groups of employees chatting and huddled together. There are some forward-thinking managers that have proposed prohibiting such encounters. 

As a result, you can use the following strategies to create a work environment conducive to employee happiness:

  • Organize social activities. It might be anything from a yearly picnic to a celebration of other cultures. As a result, it’s important to plan gatherings that will help staff bond with one another.
  • Boost company culture. Increasing employee satisfaction means fostering an environment where employees feel comfortable approaching one another to chat. Working in cubicles and wearing blue collars is not an acceptable work culture. If at all possible, you should refrain from doing so. The most progressive businesses realize that workers are actively seeking out a light-hearted place to work and will do what it takes to ensure employee happiness.
  • Become a friendly boss. If your supervisor is unapproachable, you can kiss your pleasant work environment goodbye faster than you can say “cheese.” To effectively lead your team, you must be viewed as a friend by those you manage. The world’s most powerful people agree that you’ll achieve more by mixing in with the crowd than by isolating yourself on a pedestal. The goal is to appear kind and approachable rather than tough.

An improved work environment is one of several elements that boost employee engagement. Particular attention should be paid to employee happiness. Think about how it could be improved. Make an atmosphere that is welcoming, inclusive, and productive. One of your best investments ever will turn out to be this one.