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A Cleaning Company for Seattle Area Auto Dealers, Showrooms, and More

From selling new cars to servicing used vehicles, car dealerships are busy places. With many people browsing the latest inventory or waiting for their cars to be ready, dirt, dust, and outdoor debris can pile up quickly. Since sales, repairs, and customer service come first, cleaning often slides down on the priority list. That’s why Seattle Commercial Cleaners provides car dealership cleaning services—so you can focus on your customers.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

Whether a customer is buying new or used, the overall atmosphere of the dealership will influence their decision. The more favorably they view your dealership, the more likely they are to purchase a car. Using Seattle Commercial Cleaners will give you that competitive edge. We provide:

  • Timing. Our goal is to clean your space, not stop sales by doing that. We will work around your schedule and not get in the way of any potential sales that may occur. Seattle Commercial Cleaners leaves your place spotless, relinquishing you with more time to take care of tasks, and customers.
  • Employee morale. Stress decreases amongst employees if they are working at a clean facility. When using a commercial cleaning service, employees no longer need to worry about cleanup, but also enjoy a cleaner work environment. 
  • A professional clean. When working with commercial cleaners, you will see a difference in quality of cleanse. The cleaners are experts in their field, and leave the dealership spotless. 

Other benefits of professional cleaning include lower maintenance costs, increased productivity, and a healthier environment. Let Seattle Commercial Cleaners handle your showrooms, parking lots, and everything else on your property.

Why Seattle Commercial Cleaners?

We are a local, affordable car dealership cleaning service that goes all out for our clients. Communication is of the utmost importance to us. If you have questions, we provide quick, descriptive answers. When you decide to work with our family-owned and operated company, a percentage of your service goes back to local Seattle charities. Make every day feel like the grand opening. Don’t wait; let us clean it up!

Call Today!

When looking for a new car, it’s expected that customers will search multiple dealerships in their area. Seattle Commercial Cleaners is your leg up on the competition. Our trained, licensed professionals will leave no spot untouched. Call (206) 755–2949 to take our service for a test drive.

For more information about car dealership janitorial services, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (206) 755-2949  or visit our contact page.