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A substantial mess is often left behind after a construction project is completed and the workers are gone. When this happens, leave it to Seattle Commercial Cleaners! Our experts provide exemplary post-construction cleaning services, and we will leave the site spotless and ready for business.

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The Value of Post-Construction Cleaning

The construction process can be chaotic and untidy, and the clutter frequently lingers afterward. Our team can provide a solution to this dilemma. Our professionals in Seattle will gladly do post-construction cleaning for both the inside and outside of your establishment.

Our specialists recognize that cleaning after construction is essential and highly beneficial. The reasons for this are:

  • Potential hazards are cleared away from the property
  • It is safer for people on-site and inside the building
  • The chance that someone will step or trip on anything is minimized 
  • There is less probability of accidents or unwanted trouble 
  • It creates a higher chance of passing necessary inspections
  • It makes the inside and outside area look more professional and inviting

So don’t stress about getting your new building ready for use. At Seattle Commercial Cleaners, we will manage the post-construction cleaning!

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How To Identify If You Need Post-Construction Cleaning

Several markers indicate you need post-construction cleaning services, such as:

  • There is plenty of debris or other large materials left behind
  • There are nails or sharp objects (both hidden and unhidden) on the ground
  • The settled dust makes both the interior and exterior look dirty
  • You don’t feel comfortable with foot traffic entering or exiting the building
  • Furniture would likely get dusty or soiled in your establishment  
  • The overall appearance of the establishment is untidy

If the above describes your current situation, we are here to help!

Why Enlist Seattle Commercial Cleaners for Post-Construction Clean-Up?

There are many advantages to hiring SCC to clean post-construction. When our specialists in Seattle are doing a post-construction cleaning job, they always:

  • Ensure safety and quality
  • Get the job done right
  • Have incredible customer service skills 
  • Finish the job in a practical time frame

Highly Qualified Cleaners

We Get the Job Done Right

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Reviews:

Ryan and his crew positively assured my concerns about safety and the type of work to be performed. Deck cleaning and entire house washing with excellent results and superb clean-up done all in one day. I Highly, highly recommend it.

The team was very responsive to our time-sensitive project. We will definitely be using them in the future for our other retail units. Professional communication and quality work!

We just had our windows washed. I highly recommend their business. We found them to be prompt and friendly. Their work is excellent. We have many windows, 59 to be exact, and they all look beautiful. Their prices are extremely reasonable.

Areas of Operation

Our team operates and is based out of Seattle, WA (a map of our exact Seattle location is included below). We also serve surrounding areas in Washington state.

Seattle Office Location

For more information or to schedule post-construction cleaning in Seattle, call us or fill out the form below to contact us.

How It Works:

  1. Give us a call or fill out a contact form for inquiries or to set up post-construction cleaning services.
  2. Let us know your individualized needs and how quickly you need cleaning after construction. 
  3. Schedule post-construction cleaning for all of your projects with Seattle Commercial Cleaners.

Our Office Hours Are:

Monday – Friday from 7 AM – 6 PM

Saturdays, we are open by appointment only

Sundays, we are closed

Post-Construction Cleaning FAQS:

Can you clean the entire completed construction site in one visit?

That depends on the extent of cleaning required and the size of your space. However, it is certainly possible, and we are more than happy to work with your requests!

If I need post-construction cleaning immediately, how quickly can you get to my Seattle property?

We will work endlessly to meet your needs when you contact us to schedule cleaning. We will clean your site ASAP!