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Hands being cleaned with sanitizing wipe

Germ prevention is a skill that will benefit not only yourself but also everyone around you. We know how crucial this is, so we created some suggestions for how to prevent germ spread. These ideas range from using office sanitizing services to the simple task of decluttering. When the following practices are put into place, it allows for a sanitized space with hardly any germs. 

1. Hire Commercial Cleaners

You may be wondering how hiring commercial cleaners is an effective way to prevent the spread of germs. To put it simply, professional cleaners can:

  • Disinfect and sanitize areas properly with the right equipment
  • Know how to use the correct equipment to prevent injury. 
  • See areas that need cleaning that the normal eye would miss. 
  • Do the job well and prevent bacteria growth

In addition to those advantages, when you use office sanitizing services instead of cleaning up yourself, your space will likely be sanitized more frequently and on a routine schedule. This probably wouldn’t happen without professionals. This answers the question of how to prevent the spread of germs, as regularly sanitized areas hinder germ growth.  

2. Clean Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are very appreciable for cooling down a room and distributing cold air on a hot day. However, they are also known to throw around dust and other germs to the surfaces below. This is because they rotate quickly, and what hasn’t been cleaned off the top of the rotator will blow all over. It’s essential to properly disinfect ceiling fans, although they can sometimes be hard or even dangerous to reach, depending on the height. However, there are experts who can reach this height without endangering yourself and others.

When you let office sanitizing services do it for you, they can protect you from the injury of falling while cleaning. Professionals also know how to further prevent the spread of dust and germs from a blowing fan. 

3. Keep Sanitizing Wipes Handy

Of course, having clean hands is needed to keep a clean area. Germs often rest on unclean hands, and we use our hands to touch everything. This enables germs and bacteria to disperse in many different locations. 

However, the correct types of sanitizing wipes are able to clean your hands when no sink is available. This means that when you touch anything with your hands, you are lessening the germ spread. Additionally, there are disinfecting wipes available for other surface areas, which will kill germs before they expand. To know how to effectively prevent the spread of germs, using sanitizing wipes for both your hands and other hard surfaces is very effective. Luckily, if you use office sanitizing services, they know the importance of these wipes and always have them at hand. 

4. Declutter

Clutter is easy to accumulate and may seem harmless. However, if it is left untouched and left to sit, clutter is the breeding ground for bacteria. This is because:

  • Dust will accumulate easily over time
  • If there was already bacteria or dirty surfaces left uncleaned, the germs will spread
  • It’s easy to forget what’s behind the clutter
  • When it builds, it may feel to overwhelming to clean

However, decluttering is a great method for how to prevent the spread of further germs and bacteria. When an area is decluttered, it allows the objects to be disinfected and sanitized. This will also stop you from breathing in further dust that isn’t healthy, and thus eliminate chances for getting sick. If you find decluttering to be overwhelming, reach out to an office sanitizing service to see how they can help. 

5. Get an Air Purifier

When we breathe air, there are particles we can’t see and we don’t know what’s there. There is likely a plethora of bacteria, germs and dust particles that we inhale daily. An air purifier will lessen the amount of harmful substances we breathe in everyday by purifying what we take into our bodies. For knowing how to prevent the spread of germs, this purifier is a very simple yet functional answer.

Air purifiers are also beneficial in the sense that they remove foul odors from the air quickly, and remove allergens. This is especially helpful to prevent allergies and make the air quality better and more breathable. 

6. Stock Some Bleach

Displayed bleach products and sanitizer

While it’s obvious that sanitizing services for offices always have bleach on hand, you should have some, too. They are great for a cleaning emergency if your cleaning service isn’t scheduled to come for a while or can’t come right away. Bleach will kill most harmful bacteria and thus prevent them from expanding. There are a few different types of bleach options that are designed to prevent the spread of germs, and this is how you can properly and effectively disinfect anything you come across.

There are different forms of bleach cleaning products, such as:

  • Cleaning wipes (as discussed above)
  • Disinfecting sprays
  • Cleaners for scrubbing
  • Bleach products for the toilet and laundry

For whatever it is you need to disinfect in your space, there is a bleach cleaning product accessible.

Preventing an increase of germs, dust, and other damaging bacteria is vital for your well-being and the well-being of those in your space. There are six differing viewpoints on how to prevent the spread of germs we suggest. These include hiring office sanitizing services, regularly cleaning ceiling fans, and decluttering. Additionally, to prevent germ spread, you keep sanitizing wipes and bleach products handy, and get an air purifier for better air quality. All of these practices will help kill and prevent bacteria from spreading for a healthier lifestyle. Contact us today if you have a job that needs to get done right.