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Although many clients just want a simple number, the cost of commercial cleaning varies greatly depending on the size of your property and how specialized your cleaning job is. But there are some basic parameters for this work.

As you shop for the right commercial cleaning service, expect to encounter hourly rates as well as daily or weekly rates. Many companies also price one-time cleaning jobs at a flat rate.

Here are some factors that influence the average cost of commercial cleaning services.

The Variables

Although the cost of commercial cleaning depends on the facility type and the scope of services needed, the size of the property is often the biggest factor to impact pricing.

Square Footage

Square footage is a major influence on the pricing for commercial cleaners. Most companies will charge around $0.11 per square foot of your facility. It’s helpful to think that a building twice as large will cost twice as much to clean as a comparable property.

That said, square footage pricing may be influenced by other factors like the type of facility and its amenities, the number of cleaners involved, and the products used. The number of cleaners working is also a factor in the average cost of commercial cleaning services, as well as whether your job is a one-time deal.

As an example, a 5,000-square-foot facility might cost around $550 dollars to clean, depending on the type of work and the requirements of the building. More windows or more restrooms mean the job will cost more as it’s more involved.


The average hourly cost of commercial cleaning stands at about $75, with the range for hourly cleaning usually between $52 and $110. While it’s true that you can go for the low end of that scale, that’s not always the best course of action.

Experienced cleaners who know what they’re doing and have specialized skills are paid more for their work. Especially if your cleaning job requires extensive sanitization or a technically difficult task high dusting a ceiling, your cleaning team will need proper equipment and training to get the job done right.

On the other hand, many companies structure discounted pricing for long-term janitorial contracts. The more frequently cleaners visit your property, the lower the effective hourly rate you’re likely to see.

One-Time Cleaning

One-time cleanings are sometimes preferable for businesses. For example, a previously-occupied facility may need an initial deep clean before it’s ready to use. Or, you may need services like high dusting and exterior high-rise window cleaning that aren’t required every week.

Generally, one-time cleanings skew higher than the average cost of commercial cleaning services. You may also find that it is slightly harder to schedule your cleaning as the company you contract may have to work around their existing long-term obligations.

Small businesses that handle most of their cleaning internally and only hire professional cleaners a few times a year will see lower annual costs but a higher per-visit cost of the cleaning services compared to hiring a company to clean each week.

Weekly Cleaning

Weekly cleanings usually take place at the end of the working week, outside of normal business hours. The weekly cleaning picks up the accumulated dust and dirt of the week and is considerably more involved than a daily cleaning due to higher traffic and usage.

Anticipate a weekly average cost for commercial cleaning between $150 and $250. Of course, these figures are dependent upon square footage, the number of cleaners involved, and how long it takes to complete your cleaning. A weekly clean is essentially a deep cleaning, demanding a more concerted approach.

Daily Cleaning

Of the options available, daily cleaning is the most economical when calculated per visit. Because the work happens after the close of business every day, your premises are maintained easily.

The average cost for daily commercial cleaning services is considerably lower per visit, but of course, your annual costs will be higher than hiring cleaners just once per week. Expect to pay $100-$200 per day for professional cleaning.

Impeccable Service, Every Time

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Most importantly, the cost of commercial cleaning depends on you and your business. Call us at 206-755-2945 or visit our contact page for a personalized quote. We’ll come out to your property and walk through the building with you. Tell us what you need cleaned, and let Seattle Commercial Cleaners get to work.