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Although many clients just want a simple number, the cost of commercial cleaning varies greatly depending on the size of your property and how specialized your cleaning job is. However, there are some basic parameters to look for cost-wise.

As you shop for exemplary commercial cleaning service, expect to encounter hourly and daily or weekly rates. Many companies also price one-time cleaning jobs at a flat rate.

Here are some factors that influence the average cost of commercial cleaning services.

The Variables

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Although the cost of commercial cleaning depends on the facility type and the scope of services needed, the size of the property is often the most significant factor to impact pricing.

Square Footage

Square footage substantially influences the pricing for commercial cleaners. It’s helpful to know that:

  • The majority of companies will charge roughly $0.11 per square foot for your facility. 
  • For instance, a 5,000-square-foot facility might be around $550 to clean, subject to the type of services and commercial space requirements. 

That said, the cost of commercial cleaning by square footage may be influenced by other factors like:

  • The type of facility and its amenities
  • The number of cleaners involved
  • The products used 
  • The number of cleaners working that are required for the job
  • Whether your job is a one-time deal
  • How many windows and restrooms a building has

When thinking about cost, it’s helpful to note that a building twice as large will cost twice as much to clean as a comparable property.

Cost Chart Based on Square Footage

Square FootageAverage Cost of Commercial Cleaning
0-500 Sq Ft$11-$55
500-2000 Sq Ft$55-$220
2000-3500 Sq Ft$220-$385
3500-5000 Sq Ft$385-$550
5000-6500 Sq Ft$550-$715
6500-8000 Sq Ft$715-$880
8000-10000 Sq Ft$880-$1,100
10000-15000 Sq Ft$1,100-$1,650

Average Hourly Cost 

  • The range for hourly cleaning is usually between $52 and $110. 
  • The average hourly cost of commercial cleaning services starts at $75.

While it’s true that you can go for the low end of that scale, that’s not always the best course of action.

Although the cost of commercial cleaning may be more significant, experienced workers know what they’re doing and have specialized skills. Especially if your cleaning job requires extensive sanitization or a technically challenging task like high dusting a ceiling, your cleaning team will need proper equipment and training to do the job correctly.

On the other hand, many companies structure discounted pricing for long-term janitorial service. The more frequently cleaners visit your property, the lower the effective hourly rate you’re likely to see.

Frequency of Cleaning

How often you use a cleaning service also plays into the rates. The following are the average costs of commercial cleaning for different time frames. 

One-Time Cleaning

You can plan to pay anywhere between $150-$500 for a one-time clean, depending on the variables of your commercial space.

One-time cleanings are sometimes preferable for businesses. For example, a previously occupied facility may need an initial deep clean before it’s ready to use. Or, you may need services like high dusting and exterior high-rise window cleaning that aren’t required every week.

Small businesses that handle most of their cleaning internally and only hire professional cleaners a few times a year will see lower annual costs. However, there is a higher per-visit cost of the commercial cleaning services compared to hiring a company to clean each week.

Generally, one-time cleanings skew higher than the average cost of commercial cleaning services. You may also find that it is slightly harder to schedule your cleaning as the company you contract may have to work around their existing long-term obligations.

Monthly Cleaning

For once a month cleaning, the amount will likely be anywhere from $200-$400.

Cleaning once a month may be suitable for some industries, depending on how frequently their commercial space is used or if there aren’t many people coming and going. 

Although this is sometimes the case, having cleaners come more regularly is more cost-effective and valuable for a business.

Weekly Cleaning

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Anticipate a weekly average cost for commercial cleaning between $150 and $250. 

Of course, these figures depend on:

  • Square footage
  • The number of cleaners involved
  • How long it takes to complete your cleaning. 

Weekly cleanings usually occur outside of regular business hours at the end of the working week. The weekly cleaning picks up the accumulated dust and dirt of the week and is considerably more involved than a daily cleaning due to higher traffic and usage. This frequency of cleaning is essentially a deep clean, demanding a more concerted approach.

Daily Cleaning

Expect to pay $100-$200 per day for the cost of commercial cleaning.

Of the options available, daily cleaning is the most economical when calculated per visit. Your premises are maintained efficiently because the work happens after the close of business every day.

The average cost for daily commercial cleaning services is considerably lower per visit, but your annual costs will be higher than hiring cleaners just once per week. 

Cost Chart Based on Frequency of Cleaning

Frequency of CleaningAverage Cost 
One time cleaning$150-$500
Daily Cleaning$100-$200 per day
Weekly Cleaning$150-$250 per week 
Monthly Cleaning $200-$400 per month

Commercial Cleaning Costs Based on Industry

The average cost of cleaning will change based on your type of business. Listed below are different types of industries and unique variables for each one that will affect the cost of cleaning services. 

Retail Stores

If your business is primarily for retail or associated with sales, the following factors will affect the frequency of required cleaning (and thus the rate): 

  • Amount of foot traffic. Higher foot traffic will bring in more dirt and germs.
  • How dirty the floors are (this will depend on weather conditions and people coming and going)
  • How many employees 
  • What products are being sold (as some products are higher maintenance than others, and this will greatly influence the cost of commercial cleaning)

Dining Facilities

Food service and preparation will significantly influence the average cost of commercial cleaning services. Some factors that influence this amount include:

  • Type of food that is prepared and served
  • Restaurant health codes on both a state and federal level
  • Standard amount of customers

For restaurants in particular, using a cleaning service is very beneficial as it keeps you, your customers and employees safe. 


For schools and universities, the variables that affect the price for professional cleaners are:

  • Size of the institution
  • Number of students
  • Location of the school

It’s very easy for students to spread sickness around in academic institutions, making cleanliness a high priority. 

Healthcare Facilities

Many elements affect the cost of commercial cleaning in a healthcare facility. Some of these are:

  • The type of illness treated
  • How many patients are attended to daily
  • The size of the facility
  • Preventative measures already introduced
  • Medical facility health codes

Because having an adequately cleaned healthcare facility is highly important, expert cleaners are recommended more frequently. 


The following factors will affect the average cost of commercial cleaning services in a church or place of worship:

  • Number of days members meet
  • The amount of windows and if they need special attention
  • Events that take extra time to clean, such as weddings or funerals will greatly affect the cost of commercial cleaning

A church or place of worship doesn’t typically have as much foot traffic as other institutions listed above, but that doesn’t make cleaning any less important. 

Regular Offices

Office cleaning is vital for a functioning office. The following factors will affect the payment amount:

  • Amount of windows
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Services required
  • Number of clients and workers

When cleaning happens on a frequent basis, it eliminates the likelihood of sickness and produces productivity.

Impeccable Service, Every Time

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Most importantly, the cost of commercial cleaning depends on you and your business. 

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