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From the kitchen to the dining area to the restrooms, restaurants have many surfaces that require constant cleaning. Seattle Commercial Cleaners is an innovative, experienced team of professionals trained in disinfection services and restaurant health codes. When you call us, we will walk through your restaurant to understand exactly which areas you need cleaners to address before offering you a detailed quote. No matter what time of day you need restaurant cleaning services, we will create a specialized cleaning plan tailored to your property.

Benefits of Professional Restaurant Cleaning Services

A single online review calling your restaurant dirty could drive away dozens of potential customers. On the other hand, sparkling restrooms and a clean-swept entryway can encourage repeat business. By using professional restaurant cleaning services, your eatery will avoid health code violations and see higher profits from happy, comfortable customers.

Our cleaning and disinfecting services cover all restaurant areas, including restocking the bathrooms. We provide:

  • All restaurant areas, including bathrooms
  • A professional clean that keeps your establishment up to date with federal state, and local health codes
  • Better conditions for employees and customers
  • Improves business reputation within your local community

We use all organic and environmentally friendly materials along with reliable, professional-grade equipment. We take pride in our work and seek to go above and beyond. Basic maintenance, deep cleaning the kitchen sinks, or even washing the windows—we can take care of it all. We have the tools and knowledge necessary to prepare your restaurant for a busy night of customers. Let us know what makes your establishment unique. Our restaurant cleaners are happy to accommodate all requests.

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Our past clients include the Port of Seattle and Sea-Tac Airport. We bring the same attention to detail and respect for scheduling considerations to restaurants in Seattle and Portland. Call us to discuss the specifics of the restaurant cleaning services you require, and we will create a customized plan. Protect your staff and impress your customers with a professionally cleaned restaurant. To request more information or schedule a date for cleaning to begin, contact us today.

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