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Do you want to ensure that you’re providing employees and clients with the cleanest environment possible? Has someone in your business or commercial property been ill recently? If you’re looking for quality disinfecting and cleaning services for your business, Seattle Commercial Cleaners can help. Our experts have the equipment and the experience to protect your property from bacteria caused by germs and viruses. In addition, our professional cleaning and disinfecting services are prompt, thorough, and minimally intrusive to your business operations. 

Disinfecting vs. Cleaning

The terms “cleaning” and “disinfecting” are used so often, that it’s easy to mix up what they mean. Cleaning involves removing dirt, germs, and impurities using soap and water. In this scenario, germs are not necessarily killed but removed from the surface. Commercial sanitation and disinfection services, on the other hand, destroy bacteria. Disinfecting prevents the spread of bacteria caused by viruses on surfaces. Although both disinfecting and cleaning services are great ways to protect the workers in your office, they give the best results when combined. Seattle Commercial Cleaners provides both high-quality cleaning and disinfecting.

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What Businesses Need Disinfecting Services?

The short answer is that every commercial business needs professional cleaning and disinfecting services! No matter the location, pathogens are inevitable and part of life. Every commercial area will benefit from disinfecting, especially those that need to meet a certain cleanliness standard. Not to mention, when a business looks spotless and smells nice, it drives up business. This is because customers and employees typically want to be in a tidy, orderly environment. 

Signs That Your Commercial Area Needs to be Disinfected

You know it’s time for disinfecting cleaning services if:

  • Your employees are sneezing more or seem sicker than normal.
  • There is dust or dirt buildup in multiple locations.
  • Areas of the commercial building seem dirty or unsanitary. 
  • Your commercial business has high foot traffic, and it’s difficult to keep up with the cleaning.
  • You’ve heard complaints and comments from workers or customers about the cleanliness of your establishment. 
  • You can’t remember the last time your commercial area had a thorough, in-depth cleaning. 
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If the thought of cleaning and disinfecting your business seems overwhelming, we have you covered.
There’s no need to fret about it. Just let us solve your problem.

Why Choose Seattle Commercial Cleaners for Disinfecting and Cleaning Services?

Seattle Commercial Cleaners not only provides professional cleaning and disinfecting services, but we’re also a company that sees the value in the following qualities:

  • Integrity of our company
  • Timeliness in our work
  • Quality of our employees

We’re well-trained and thrilled to make your business welcoming and inviting.

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Benefits Of Professional Disinfecting Services From Seattle Commercial Cleaners

Every commercial space is different. If you’re wondering if your space requires specialized disinfecting and cleaning services, consider these advantages of hiring our professional team:

  • We have quality equipment. There are many disinfectant agents available, so it can be difficult for a property owner to be aware of which cleaning agents are best suited for what they are trying to accomplish. Our company of specialists who provide professional disinfecting and cleaning services will know exactly what to use in your space. They will also have the proper equipment to protect your property and their workers. We even go as far as providing high dusting with the right, high-quality equipment. 
  • Each of our team members specializes in their field of cleaning and disinfecting. This level of expertise will help you feel confident and reassured in your commercial space. Using our commercial disinfecting cleaning services lessens worries about your office visitors. You welcome everyone into your commercial building with the confidence of knowing they are in a clean and healthy environment.
  • Seattle Commercial Cleaners applies expert application of disinfecting agents. Acquiring suitable cleaning agents is one thing, but applying and adequately using them is another. Don’t fret over whether or not you’re disinfecting your space correctly. Rest assured that our experts will handle the job correctly. We get the job done.
  • Our high-quality cleaning and attention to each detail will allow healthier employees and customers. The main reason for carrying out expert cleaning and disinfecting services in your office is to protect your staff from bacteria caused by germs and viruses. Healthier customers and employees mean fewer sick days for your team.
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Disinfect and Protect

Seattle Commercial Cleaners’ team of experts is here to help you schedule an ongoing disinfecting routine for your commercial building. Protect those around you by preventing the spread of bacteria with our professional cleaning and disinfecting services. Many businesses in the Seattle area, including the Port of Seattle, have relied on our disinfecting cleaning services over the years. We know you will also be satisfied and pleased with our specialized team. Contact us today and let our friendly staff provide a fast quote to serve your needs.

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Call us at (206) 755-2949 or visit our contact page to schedule disinfection services.

How It Works:

  1. Contact us for a chat about our cleaning and disinfecting services while we are open.
  2. Talk to us about your unique cleaning needs and what your expectations are.
  3. Allow us to quote you for free for our services.

Our regular office hours are:

Monday- Friday 7 AM – 6 PM. 

Saturdays and Sundays: By appointment only

Areas Served

We provide disinfecting services in both Seattle, WA and surrounding cities.


Ryan and his crew positively assured my concerns about safety and the type of work to be performed. Deck cleaning and entire house washing with excellent results and superb clean-up done all in one day. I Highly, highly recommend it.

The team was very responsive to our time-sensitive project. We will definitely be using them in the future for our other retail units. Professional communication and quality work!

We just had our windows washed. I highly recommend their business. We found them to be prompt and friendly. Their work is excellent. We have many windows, 59 to be exact, and they all look beautiful. Their prices are extremely reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use your disinfecting and cleaning services after one-time events?

Yes! We will clean and disinfect after parties, holidays, or events. You can also set up a regular schedule so you never need to worry about disinfecting again.

Are the products you use safe?

Yes, our products are safe to be around and eco-friendly. With our professional cleaning and disinfecting services, there is no need to worry about breathing in harmful chemicals.

Does frequent cleaning with us help eliminate the spread of Covid-19?

Yes, how we clean and what we disinfect will stop the spread of harmful viruses, particularly Covid-19. Our disinfecting cleaning services will promote the health of all of our clients.