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You want your commercial building to be clean, and you want to know that the cleaning company you work with understands your specific needs and requirements. At Seattle Commercial Cleaners, we have experience working with a wide variety of professional clients ranging from the Port of Seattle to small businesses. Whatever industry you may be in, you can rest assured knowing your property will be cleaned to your specifications and industry standards so that you can focus on serving your clients and customers.

Our Cleaning Services

Are you considering hiring commercial cleaners to service your property? We’re confident that we can get the job done right. We have experience working with customers in:

  • Commercial Offices. You want to keep your employees productive and focused on sales, customer service, or whatever their role may be. Provide them with a healthy, comfortable work environment so they, and your business, can succeed.
  • Medical and Healthcare. Cleanliness in the medical field is an absolute necessity for protecting both patients and healthcare workers. Trust our cleaning and disinfecting services to keep your space in top condition.
  • Car Dealerships. With so many options on buying a car these days, the customer experience at your dealership is absolutely crucial. Make sure it’s a positive one with regular cleaning and maintenance.
  • Bars & Nightclubs. We’ve all experienced that “sticky bar floor” feeling at some point! Keep patrons coming back by providing them with a clean, pleasant experience at your bar or club.
  • Banks. When it comes to the world of banking, it’s all about the trust that customers have in your financial institution. Give them confidence in your organization by providing a clean and welcoming experience when they visit your branch, and know that we understand your need for security and following protocol.
  • Dental Offices. At your office, patients spend a lot of time looking up – be sure everything from your ceilings to your floors are spotless for your clients. Let us fight dirt and germs so you can focus on fighting plaque and gum disease!
  • Churches and Places of Worship. Those who enter your doors are looking for safety, peace, and serenity. We will treat your place of worship with respect as we work to provide a clean and welcoming space for all who enter.
  • Gyms & Fitness Centers. Clients come to your facility to sweat- yuck! Have confidence in your cleanliness by working with our professional team to remove germs and dirt from your fitness equipment. 
  • Hair Salons. From hairspray and dyes to all that expertly cut hair, salons often have specific cleaning needs. We’re happy to provide you and your clients with a space that looks its best so that you can help them look their best.
  • Law Firms. You’re focused on the important work of helping your clients, so let us focus on keeping your space clean. We understand the need for discretion and respect and that you are often working with sensitive and personal information. 
  • Restaurants. They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and for restaurants, this is 100% true. Your business depends on your customers enjoying both your food and the atmosphere, and we can ensure they will be clean and comfortable!
  • Retail & Shopping Centers. With endless online shopping options, your customers come into your retail center for one reason- the experience. Give them a great one by providing them with a spotless environment to browse, try and (most importantly) buy. 
  • Schools and Municipalities. When you serve the public, whether it’s city residents or student learners, having a clean and welcoming space is essential. Seattle Commercial Cleaners knows the ins and outs of working in and cleaning up your public building.
  • Small Businesses. Whatever your small business does for clients and customers, it’s a given that you want to keep it clean. We’ll work with you to understand your specific business needs and be sure to deliver on our customer service, so you can focus on yours.
  • Warehouses. A clean warehouse can make your business run more efficiently and protect the items in it from damage. Let us clean your space with respect to your inventory system and your staff, so you can focus on other parts of your business. 

Let’s Clean Up Your Space

As a commercial property owner, you have enough to worry about daily without adding cleaning to the list. Let us use our years of experience and professional equipment to leave your business in its absolute best condition.

Whether it’s a one-time job or routine janitorial services, contact us for a fast and competitive quote

To contact our commercial cleaners and to schedule service, call us at (206) 755-2949 or visit our contact page.

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Why Seattle Commercial Cleaners

Seattle Commercial Cleaners is janitor service company that values integrity, timeliness, and quality. When it comes to creating a welcoming atmosphere in your business, cleanliness matters. Contact us today for a fast quote from our friendly and professional team. Let us take the burden of cleaning so you can get back to work.

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