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Retail and shopping centers see high customer traffic, resulting in specific cleaning needs. Our services can include everything from washing the storefront windows to restocking the restrooms. Seattle Commercial Cleaners provides a thorough deep clean of your entire store at a time that works best for your business. Trust our professionals to surpass your expectations and fulfill your location’s specific cleaning needs.

We Understand Retail

With a high volume of foot traffic comes more dirt and dust on your shopping center’s surfaces. Not to mention, there’s also more germs and bacteria being brought in, increasing the need for cleaning services and sanitation. 
Whether you represent a single store or you are a property manager seeking cleaners for a mall or shopping center, we offer the following retail cleaning services:

A clean, allergen-free environment will keep customers in the store longer and increase the average transaction. Plus, less bacteria means fewer sick days for your employees, keeping your store well-staffed and able to meet customers’ needs. 
Tell us what services you need, and our mall cleaners will get the job done!

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Why Retail Stores Need Specialized Cleaning

Malls and other stores need retail cleaning services because they are different from typical businesses. Retail stores carry goods that the customer will leave with, whereas other commercial areas don’t typically have this type of exchange. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the cleaning that needs to be done in specific areas. Our mall cleaners are always sure to sanitize the areas no one thinks of, such as:

  • Entrance doors
  • Areas where merchandise is displayed
  • The checkout desk
  • Customer restrooms
  • Worker break rooms
  • Shelves for items
  • Light switches, door knobs, and railing

The frequency of retail cleaning services depends on: 

  • Products that you sell and how often they are sold
  • Average customers in the store
  • Where the store is located
  • The amount of general upkeep done by employees

Our mall cleaners do the best job around. Get your proposal from Seattle Commercial Cleaners within 24 hours!   

Benefits of Hiring Us For Your Professional Cleaning Services

While many people shop online, customers are still drawn to your shopping center for the convenience, personalized shopping experience, and friendly expertise of your staff. Hiring professional retail cleaning services from Seattle Commercial Cleaners will:

  • Help you achieve a welcoming, customer-focused atmosphere. No one wants to shop in a disorganized mess, and we will prevent that from happening. 
  • Make it easier for you to coordinate cleaning throughout your spread out business. If you manage more than one location or a mall, Seattle Commercial Cleaners will make it simple by giving you one point of contact. You will speak to the same coordinator to arrange cleaning at all of your storefronts, saving you time to focus on business operations.
  • Work around your business operations. We know every store operates a bit differently, and that’s why we designed our retail cleaning services to fit your schedule. 
  • Work with you to create a strategic plan customized for your location.
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Let Our Experts Come to You

Our mall cleaners know that when your customers feel comfortable and relaxed in your retail center, they’re more likely to browse, try, and buy. Trust our highly trained and insured professional cleaning staff to keep your retail space or mall in top shape. Give us a call today to receive a fast and free quote from our friendly staff.

For more information or to schedule retail cleaning services, call us at (206) 755-2949 or visit our contact page.
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