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Seattle, WA Commercial Medical Cleaning Services

Hospitals and medical offices need a clean, sterile environment. The time between patients allows for a quick clean—but not a thorough one. To maximize your time with patients and to help your practice run efficiently, trust Seattle Commercial Cleaners to take care of the medical office cleaning for you.

Signs You Need Medical Office Cleaning

Seattle Commercial Cleaners offers disinfection and deep cleaning services that scrub every countertop, faucet, and doorknob. From mopping and restocking the restrooms to sanitizing an exam room, we make sure patients feel safe and well cared for in your facility. You can recognize that your medical office needs professional cleaning through any of the following signs:

  • Daily cleaning is not being done thoroughly.  Daily cleaning is an important task when it comes to hospitals and medical offices. However, even if daily cleaning is being done, it is likely that areas are being missed or forgotten. Seattle Commercial Cleaners’ specialists will ensure that daily cleaning is being done correctly.
  • Floors covered in dirt and footprints. When it comes to bacteria growth in hospitals, the floors are some of the dirtiest places. If floors are not being properly cleaned, then bacteria growth will rapidly occur. Consistent mopping of floors is crucial to keeping your facility sterile. If this isn’t done accurately, the spread of disease is heightened. 
  • There is a lack of comprehensive cleaning. The medical world is nonstop. There will always be new patients facing new challenges. When hospitals and medical offices become busy, cleaning tends to be rushed as a time saver. If you begin to notice your staff is rushing through cleanings, it’s time to reach out to a commercial cleaner to minimize the spread of infection and disease.

Why Seattle Commercial Cleaners?

We understand the significance of your ever-changing schedule. When you schedule medical office cleaning services with us, we work within the hours that best serve your hospital or clinic. At Seattle Commercial Cleaners, you’ll only have one point of contact for all of your cleaning needs. So if you decide that you could also benefit from window cleaning or pressure washing, or if you have multiple buildings on your campus, you can arrange all of the details with one phone call. Our internal team will take care of the rest. See how simple we make cleaning by contacting us today.

Choose the Best

You spend your days caring for people from all walks of life. When it comes to helping others get healthy again, you’re the best at it. So, why not use the best commercial medical cleaning services? Seattle Commercial Cleaners excels in the long run with consistent top-notch service. Call (206) 755–2949 for your quote. Let us know when you need cleaning to start, and we’ll mobilize a team. We look forward to partnering with you.

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Why Seattle Commercial Cleaners?

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