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The process of deep cleaning may seem intimidating at first– especially if you don’t exactly have the knowledge of how to do it. We know how daunting it seems, so we constructed this simple deep cleaning checklist. We will walk you through the order of steps for in-depth cleaning and more information on how to implement each step. 

1. Declutter Before Deep Cleaning

Before you even begin the procedure of deep cleaning, it’s essential to declutter. To declutter means to put items in their proper place and then organize them to make them look nice.

However, if you’re curious about how to accomplish an even better deep clean, we suggest moving all items off the surface and putting them back on after you have finished cleaning. This will allow you to sanitize the entire area instead of missing some spots because you’re working around items. For example, if you are deep cleaning a restroom, remove everything off the bathroom counter, deep clean, and then put them all back on. This practice will make it easier to reorganize clutter as well. 

A person cleaning a surface in a bathroom.

To recap, before deep cleaning it’s recommended to:

  • Declutter
  • Remove everything off of a surface to clean
  • Reorganize after the deep cleaning process is complete

Implementing this “how to” step will get your deep clean started on the right foot. 

2. Start High, Go Low

You may be wondering why starting high and going low is part of the deep cleaning checklist, but there are very logical reasons for this practice. If, for example, you are dusting and start high (such as dusting a high shelf or a ceiling fan) the dust will oftentimes fall to the surface below it. Whether it’s a desk or the floor, if you’ve already cleaned that area, it will need to be deep cleaned again to ensure the dust is gone. When you are learning how to deep clean, this is not an effective practice.

If you are cleaning windows, the same thing happens. The window cleaner will work its way and slide down the window pane. Starting high doesn’t ensure you need to clean the same spots of the glass over and over again.

So no matter what area you are deep cleaning, be sure to start high and go low. 

3. Deep Clean Windows

Window cleaning in an effective manner can be challenging if you aren’t sure how to deep clean glass and make it look clear. However, we added this step to our deep cleaning checklist because disinfected windows are essential for a sanitized space and will make the area look extra clean.

To deep clean a window, you can implement the following: 

  • Use a professional grade window cleaner to wash both the inside and outside of the glass (if possible). If a professional grade cleaner isn’t available, you can use other cleaning agents, such as a vinegar and water mixture for cleansing. 
  • Use either a squeegee or a microfiber cleaning rag to wipe. 
  • For how to remove built-up grime or dirt on the window, let it soak in the solution for a few minutes before the deep clean.

For an efficient deep cleaning of your windows and to make them shine, using these practices will help.  

4. Spruce Up Window Treatments

Female hands dusting blinds

In addition to deep cleaning windows, window treatments often need to be spruced up for an even deeper clean. This important part of our deep cleaning checklist makes a big difference for the space you are sanitizing. Sprucing up a window clean will also make the windows look like they aren’t even there.

For simple ideas on how to spruce up window treatments during your deep clean, try the following cleaning practices: 

  • If there is a screen, take it out and either wash it with soap or let it soak in soapy water.
  • Dust the blinds (each one individually) or wash the curtains.
  • Disinfect and wipe down around the window and its panes. 
  • Vacuum out the sills if they need it, then wipe them out as well. 

These suggestions will spruce up window treatments for an even more in-depth cleaning. 

5. Remove Dust from Surfaces

When you are in the middle of a deep clean, you may notice dust and wonder how to best remove it. The dust may have also caught you by surprise, because a surface or area may look organized and clean from a distance. However, just because it looks spotless doesn’t always mean it is. Dust can easily accumulate on “clean” surfaces– and it is very noticeable.

Our checklist has some ideas for deep cleaning dust, which includes:

  • Wiping the dusty surface down with a disinfectant or cleaning wipe
  • Wiping it down with a professional cleaning spray
  • Using a clean duster for high surfaces
  • Dusting regularly so that it doesn’t accumulate and build over time
  • Making sure you dust before you clean the floors

These ideas will give you a head start for knowing how to deep clean dusty surfaces.

6. Deep Clean the Floors

Two women cleaning the floors

The floors are often filthy because dirt from shoes and feet is tracked all over it. Not to mention, after deep cleaning other areas of the building, the floor will get the brunt of the dust and grime. That is why the last thing on the deep cleaning checklist is sanitizing the floors.

When you need more knowledge on how to deep clean the floors, here is some practical advice: 

  • If it’s a hardwood floor, sweep often, especially in all the hard-to-get places
  • Thoroughly mop after sweeping every inch. 
  • If it’s a carpet, vacuum with a high-grade vacuum cleaner. 
  • Remove any stains with the correct products, if necessary. 
  • Reclean any surface areas that need it the most.

When these cleaning tips are taken into consideration and used, deep cleaning the floor will become a simple task.

Having the skills and knowledge of how to deep clean is very advantageous. Even if you’ve never learned how to deep clean, there are still six simple ways to get started. The first thing to do is declutter; start by cleaning in high places and work your way down. Then it’s important to deep clean windows, and this includes sprucing up window treatments. Finally, it’s crucial to remove dust from all surfaces and then deep clean the floors. Following this deep cleaning checklist will help you get started and make your space feel clean and sanitized.