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Are you unsure of how to clean those high ceilings in your commercial property? Reaching certain areas for high dusting can be daunting, but doing so ensures your property stays clean and maintains a fresh circulation of air. Leave it to the professionals. We have an experienced Portland-based team who can perfectly complete that work for you.

What Is High Dusting?

High dusting is essentially the dusting and cleaning of hard-to-reach places found higher up on your property. This can cover things like skylights, windows (interior and exterior), furniture, ledges, structural beams, and more. High dusting requires specific attention to detail and an ability to use specialized equipment that regular cleaning cannot provide.

How To Know You Need High Ceiling Cleaning Services

Dust is something that cannot be hidden. In an office setting where there is a crowd of people daily, dust and dirt tend to accumulate on furniture, floors, and high places. Factors that might prompt you to seek high ceiling cleaning services include:

  • Difficulty cleaning windows due to height
  • Cobwebs on light fixtures or ceiling beams
  • Sagging ceiling tiles
  • Unpleasant odors in the air (dust can collect and become stagnant over time)

Importance Of High Ceiling Cleaning

High dusting is a vital part of the regular cleaning process. By eliminating accumulated dust from its source, you’ll provide a fresh atmosphere for your workplace. Regular high ceiling cleaning services will also help to maintain the life of your property’s interior and keep your employees happy and healthy. Serving clients in the comfort of a clean and dust-free space gives you a professional impression.

Contact Our High Dusting Specialists

Seattle Commercial Cleaners is a professional cleaning and high dusting company providing comprehensive services to both residential and commercial business clients in Portland, OR. With over a decade of industry experience, you can trust us to handle any high ceiling cleaning services with ease. For more information on what Seattle Commercial Cleaners can do for your commercial property or to schedule a high dusting appointment, contact us today!

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