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Whether they are staying at your hotel for a business trip or a relaxing getaway, customers expect a high level of comfort and customer service. Every visitor to your hotel should have a sense of exclusivity and importance to your operation. Finding new and inventive ways to make your hotel visitors feel special on a constant basis can promote repeat business and enhance your brand.

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Similar to how Yelp receives reviews of restaurants, guests use platforms such as TripAdvisor for a good place to look for and get information about various features of a hotel. Because news spreads quickly on social media, you should take every precaution in your hotel management techniques to make a good impression on your visitors.

The Importance of Enhancing Hotel Guest Experience

For a hotel to develop and thrive, it is essential that guests have a positive experience while staying there. This will help reinforce the hotel’s brand, set it apart from competitors, encourage repeat visits, and boost income. If visitors have a positive time, they are more inclined to write a review of their hotel guest experience, which in turn increases site traffic. In this case, everybody benefits.

It’s crucial to improve the customer experience at every stage of interaction with your hotel, from booking to check-in to check-out and beyond. What sets one stay apart from another is an integrated, seamless journey with your establishment that leaves guests thinking of your hotel first when they need to book again.

Now here are some hotel management tips on how to make a stay in your hotel something to remember.

1. Participate in Pre- and Post-Stay Conversations with Guests

When a guest makes a reservation at your hotel online, their stay officially begins. Improve your website’s user experience by incorporating interactive elements like forms and surveys to learn more about your guests before they come. Once they’ve arrived, you may tailor your service to meet their specific needs. Educate them with emails, give them coupons, and suggest local attractions and activities.

Timely engagement with guests during their stay allows you to get useful input and discover ways to improve the quality of your establishment. Thank them for their patronage, deal with any issues they may have, and entice them to return with special offers. Also, be proactive and solicit feedback. In the hotel industry, reputation is everything, and guests know it. If they had a good time, they’ll probably be happy to write a review of their hotel guest experience and your stellar hotel management success.

2. Use Keyless Entry Instead

With a keyless check-in option, visitors can bypass the front desk and enter their rooms directly through their mobile devices. For the duration of their visit, the gadget serves as the key, which is both more practical and secure than the common keycard. Your front desk staff will have a lighter workload as a result of this shift, giving them more time and attention to focus on other activities. This will certainly contribute to greater attentiveness overall.

Keyless entry and mobile optimization go hand in hand since you need a mobile application to make it function. You will need to upgrade your locks to make them compatible with the service in addition to creating an app.

3. Improve Your Towels, Sheets, and Blankets

Ideally, your hotel would feature all of the top amenities possible. But since it can be impractical for your hotel management operation, you have to choose which amenities to put first. At the top of your list should be blankets, bedding, and towels. These goods are essential for improving your visitors’ self-care and sleep, which can make or break their visit.

Invest in big comforters, high-quality cotton linens, and extra-large towels if you want to make your visitors as relaxed as possible. To unify the space, you should also choose cool pastel hues. These ostensibly small design adjustments can really impact their overall hotel guest experience.

4. Offer Some Amenities For Free

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The value of the amenities you provide to your guests is a key hotel management tip. If you don’t already provide many complimentary amenities, put some more effort into comping your guests and finding out what your guests like. When visitors arrive, they might have inquiries like if your hotel offers free Wi-Fi or whether breakfast is served. Regardless of the prices paid, these benefits are frequently included as standard in many hotels.

The Cala del Mar Resort Luxury Resort in Mexico is one instance of a hotel that provides amenities without charging guests. The refrigerators in these hotel rooms are stocked with bottles of juice, soda, and water. It additionally offers plush robes in the restrooms.

To determine whether your hotel can afford to do this, you must examine your budget and your overall finances first. If you choose to offer complimentary facilities, you may want to increase your hotel fees so that the associated expenses are covered.

5. Cancel Extra Charges Occasionally

Here’s a hotel management tip few hotel chains employ. Give some of your customers a surprise by reducing the resort fee from their final hotel bill when they check out if your hotel charges a resort fee for services like Wi-Fi, the gym, or tennis courts. This will leave your visitors with a positive impression and may make them more likely to want to come again.

6. Incentivise Repeat Visits

In today’s hotel industry, customer loyalty is harder to achieve. Therefore you need to put in extra effort to gain repeat visits from customers. While a loyalty program offering discounts and “one free night” benefits is a smart place to start, offering a wider variety of prizes would encourage guests to stay longer and earn free nights more rapidly. 

Some of the benefits that visitors can use whenever are free dinners, happy hour tickets, complimentary valet service, room upgrades, and late check-out. Make use of social media to promote your loyalty program and maintain connections with individual guests. This is a terrific approach to boost business. When you greet regulars by name, you show them that you remember them and value their business.

With all of your hotel management techniques, your goal should be to leave a lasting impression on visitors so that they return repeatedly. After all, the hotel industry’s holy grail is to provide service that goes above and beyond for guests. You can ensure this by monitoring and enhancing the hotel’s paid services, complementary services, and hotel guest experience on a regular basis.