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Following our rapid growth in Washington State, Seattle Commercial Cleaners now offers commercial janitorial services in Tigard and other suburbs. Our locally-based teams of highly skilled workers can handle everything from restocking the restrooms to restoring your building’s exterior with window cleaning and pressure washing.

What We Do

Janitorial Services

Is your facility in desperate need of a thorough cleaning? Do you require more than just light dusting? Our commercial janitorial services in Tigard can handle the challenge. We take care of everything from trash removal to mopping and vacuuming floors. Whether you prefer cleaning after hours or during your normal business operations, our Tigard office cleaning services will not disrupt your business in any way, both in terms of time and productivity.

Surface Disinfection Services

Do you care about giving your customers and workers the cleanest space possible? Have any of your employees or tenants recently fallen ill? Our commercial cleaning services in Tigard can assist you if you are in need of professional disinfection. From flu season to seasonal allergies in the spring and summer, buildup on high-touch surfaces can spread sickness and sneezing. Let our professional team keep your workplace sanitary.

Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning is an art form. For the best possible clean, the experienced experts at our commercial janitorial services in Tigard can evaluate a number of factors — the building’s layout and geometry, various obstructions (such as parking lots and trees), and any drips from overflowing gutters. Our specialized window cleaning solution not only cleans the windows but also protects them against dust, pollen, and filth so you can rest assured that your commercial building will always exude an air of professionalism and cleanliness.

High Dusting

Does your commercial building have high ceilings that you don’t know how to clean? Let’s put it this way. If you can’t remember the last time someone cleaned your rafters, it’s been far too long. Removing dust helps air circulate freely and makes your HVAC more efficient. Let our commercial janitorial services in Tigard handle the job.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can do more than get rid of grime and stains. Maintaining your building’s cleanliness and curb appeal can make a dramatic difference without breaking the bank. Walls, fences, concrete, walkways — our commercial cleaning services in Tigard can get them all sparkling clean with the help of our skilled pressure-washing team.

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Seattle Commercial Cleaners provides a wide range of commercial janitorial services in Tigard for commercial and industrial buildings. We understand that every business or government building is unique. We can visit and take a look around the premises to check for dirty areas, empty toilet paper rolls, and other maintenance needs. In as little as 24 hours, we can have a comprehensive proposal from our Tigard office cleaning services ready for your evaluation. Call us today to get started.

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