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Are you looking to make a great first impression on potential clients? First impressions are imperative no matter what industry you are in and what type of customers you are trying to attract. That’s why our Portland window cleaners work hard to make sure potential customers take your business seriously. At Seattle Commercial Cleaners, we are proud to lend a helping hand to our clients by providing professional window cleaning services to business owners in the Portland, OR area.

The Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

If your windows are dirty, streaked, smudged, or covered in water spots, it’s well past time to call a professional window cleaning company for a quote. Not only will your business look better, but customers will be able to actually see your store and products, which is likely to increase traffic and business. Working with our Portland window cleaners will:

  • Increase your property value. Clean windows speak volumes about the type of business you are running.
  • Increase sales by 30% or more! Customers will spend more time in stores with clean storefronts because they will be able to see more clearly what you have to offer.
  • Creates a healthier and more productive work environment for employees. Employees will be happier when they are in a store with clean windows and be more productive as well!

Work with Portland’s Top Window Cleaners

Seattle Commercial Cleaners of Portland has been providing professional window cleaning services since 2012. We are family-owned and operated with an emphasis on quality, affordability, and professional service. Our technicians are on time, quick, neat, thorough, friendly, and experienced. To learn more or schedule your window cleaning appointment, contact us today.

To schedule your window cleaning service, call us at (503) 972-1893 or fill out our contact form.