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Discovering mold in your commercial space can be a headache. However, we can handle the stress for you at Seattle Commercial Cleaners! Our trained experts are happy to provide mold remediation services and will do so swiftly and with safety measures in place. We will help you return to regular business operations as quickly as possible.

Mold Remediation Explained

In Seattle, the mold remediation process typically involves the following:

  • Mold inspection and testing
  • Containment
  • Air filtration
  • Removal
  • Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the area
  • Restoration of affected locations
  • Putting measures in place to limit future mold growth

This is a general overview of the procedure, but the exact steps vary depending on the unique situation and location. 

Comparing Mold Remediation to Mold Removal

Mold removal is part of the remediation process. However, the difference is that mold removal usually stops with mold disposal. This prevents the execution of all other important steps of the remediation process, negatively impacting the safety of the affected area.

Advantages of Professional Mold Remediation in Seattle

The following are the various benefits of professional mold remediation services:

  • It lessens the chances of structural damage 
  • Provides health and higher air quality
  • It limits or completely prevents future mold growth
  • Increased safety for you and your business
  • Peace of mind that the procedure was conducted properly 
  • Other high-risk areas that you wouldn’t have known could be identified, and additional preventative measures can be implemented.

Trying to eliminate mold may harm you and your commercial space, so call us today and let our specialists handle it for you happily.

Why Hire SCC for Mold Remediation Services

We have the knowledge and equipment to complete any commercial cleaning jobs at Seattle Commercial Cleaners, including mold remediation. Our workers are strictly vetted and specifically trained to deal with hazardous mold in a correct and secure manner. You never need to worry about the mold remediation process being done poorly or causing further damage to your commercial structure because we get the job done right!

Highly Qualified Cleaners

We Get the Job Done Right

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Customer Reviews:

Ryan and his crew positively assured my concerns about safety and the type of work to be performed. Deck cleaning and entire house washing with excellent results and superb clean-up done all in one day. I Highly, highly recommend it.

The team was very responsive to our time-sensitive project. We will definitely be using them in the future for our other retail units. Professional communication and quality work!

We just had our windows washed. I highly recommend their business. We found them to be prompt and friendly. Their work is excellent. We have many windows, 59 to be exact, and they all look beautiful. Their prices are extremely reasonable.

How It Works:

  1. Contact us during business hours to inquire about our mold remediation services.
  2. Tell us about the situation for your commercial space.
  3. Allow a team member to provide a free quote and schedule a time for us to meet you.

Normal Office Hours:

Monday- Friday: 7 AM – 6 PM. 

Saturdays: By appointment 

Sundays: Closed

Areas Served

We are delighted to provide mold remediation in Seattle, WA, and surrounding cities and locations.

Seattle Location

Frequently Asked Questions

While the mold remediation process is underway, do I need to evacuate?

This entirely depends on the extent and location of the damage. We will have team members assess the damage and give recommendations based on your unique circumstances.

Will the remediation process interfere with normal business operations?

This largely depends on the area where the mold is located relative to your business. Although our Seattle experts will recommend what is safest for your company, we will also work with you to make the mold remediation process as convenient as possible.