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Is your facility in dire need of a good cleaning? Do you need more than a simple dusting? Janitorial services in Portland, Oregon, take care of both the cleaning and the disinfection of a multitude of areas in your commercial facilities. From cleaning your floors and furniture surfaces to your windows, the staff at Seattle Commercial Cleaners can offer this and more when you opt for our commercial janitorial services.

The Signs You Need Commercial Janitorial Services in Portland

There are many signs that your Portland facility needs commercial janitorial services. The most common sign of the need for professional janitorial cleaning is dirt or grime in some areas while other surfaces appear to be faded and worn. In addition, some other signs that it’s time to talk with a professional team about janitorial services include:

  • Odd smell
  • Stains and dust in multiple areas
  • Employees are getting sick
  • You don’t have the time to deep-clean your facility yourself
  • You have a new building or business that requires professional cleaning
  • You are hosting an event that requires extra attention to appearance on your part

Industries We Provide Janitorial Services For

We provide janitorial services for a large range of commercial businesses in the Greater Portland area, including Hillsboro, Beaverton, West Linn, and Milwaukie. Below are some of the many businesses we provide janitorial work for:

Why Hire Seattle Commercial Cleaners for Janitorial Services in Portland, Oregon?

We make it our business to know the right kind of cleaning solutions and chemicals for each area we clean. We can treat and sanitize any commercial facility from top to bottom without causing damage. Plus, our staff is trained not just in deep cleaning but also in customer service skills, so you have a team that will fully understand your needs. We also are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Janitorial Service vs. Maintenance: How Are They Different?

Janitorial services are cleaning services aimed at helping you to maintain a tidy office — one that you’ll be proud to welcome clients, workers, and business collaborators to. A Portland janitorial cleaning company will perform several sanitation tasks to get your office spic and span, including the following:

  • Taking out the trash
  • Dusting your furniture
  • Vacuuming your carpets
  • Sweeping your floors
  • Cleaning your restrooms

Janitorial services in Portland, Oregon, will ultimately help you to keep pests and allergens at bay, therefore improving your building’s air quality and preventing illness. This may translate to greater client and employee satisfaction long term.

Maintenance services, on the other hand, may involve completing additional tasks to keep your property functional, including the following:

  • Cleaning your parking lot
  • Regularly replacing your pipe ducts, bulbs, or batteries
  • Repairing unexpected damages
  • Upkeeping your storage rooms
  • Keeping up heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems

These types of services are designed to improve your assets’ longevity, optimize their performance, and prevent unscheduled downtime due to unexpected breakdowns.

At Seattle Commercial Cleaners, we perform light maintenance, like changing light bulbs and restocking restrooms, in addition to performing quality janitorial services. If you need a recommendation for a more complex maintenance job, please reach out. We can often make a referral through our network of specialists.

How Is a Janitorial Service Different From In-House Cleaners?

You may be debating whether to hire your own cleaners or outsource your cleaning to a Portland janitorial cleaning company. In most cases, using a janitorial service company is more efficient than using in-house cleaners.

Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

One of the biggest reasons to hire a janitorial service in Portland, Oregon, is that you won’t have to worry about constantly purchasing cleaning supplies yourself. Cleaning companies acquire supplies in bulk and regularly maintain their equipment so you can focus on your core business.

Labor Expenses

A massive benefit of choosing a janitorial service over an in-house cleaning team is that you can save yourself significant labor costs. With an in-house team, you’ll have to deal with sick days, vacation days, benefits, and payroll taxes. By outsourcing, you only pay for the hours you need.

Trust Janitors From Seattle Commercial Cleaners in Portland, Oregon

At Seattle Commercial Cleaners, we have more than a decade of experience cleaning commercial spaces. We are fully insured, professionally trained, and excited to serve you with excellence using the area’s best professional cleaners.

When you own or manage a business that serves the public, it is imperative that your facility is clean and sanitized at all times for the safety of all who enter your doors. You need a team that knows how to deep-clean your facility correctly and can use the right cleaning products for your needs. We are that team.

Get in touch with us today to schedule an estimate for commercial janitorial services in Portland, Oregon!

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