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You know your office has to be cleaned eventually. But if you’re the one doing it—or you’re the one paying for it—you may wonder how long you can go without a deep clean. Small office cleaning services will typically come anywhere from once per day to once per week, and the exact timing depends on the types of business. Dental offices must be cleaned and disinfected regularly, while a consulting firm may not need to be as rigorous with sterilization. So how do you decide how often to clean?

Cleaning the Outside of Your Business

When most people think about how often janitors should clean an office, they only picture the inside of the building. But the outdoor facade of the building is the first impression potential customers see, and keeping it clean and maintained is just as important.

To start, business owners should invest in pressure washing the exterior of their office buildings once a year. This removes dirt and grime from the siding, giving the building a fresh, clean look. Pressure washing is also a good means of maintaining the property, and it offers an environmentally-friendly way to keep your exterior looking its best.

Next, businesses should clean the exterior of their windows monthly. If you happen to work in a high-rise building, twice per year may be a more realistic recommendation. Either way, you’ll want to find an office cleaning service near you that specializes in window cleaning. Small details like using the proper cleaning fluid, equipment, and technique can make the difference between sparkling windows and those left with streaks.

Additionally, the janitorial staff should do a walk-around of the exterior of the building every day to collect trash and debris. This helps to provide positive curb appeal and a great first impression for your business.

Cleaning the Interior of Your Business

The exact frequency of small office cleaning does depend on the business, but these services will suit the needs of most buildings:

  • Removing the trash
  • Sweeping and vacuuming floors
  • Wiping down all hard surfaces
  • Restocking restrooms
  • Disinfecting high-contact surfaces

Janitors should perform these basic office cleaning tasks as often as they come, whether that is every day, once per week, or something in between. How frequently each space is cleaned largely depends on traffic. If you have a small business with only a few employees and you rarely see customers in the office, cleaning can happen less frequently than for a retail business with customers constantly in and out of the door.

Janitorial office cleaning should also include any kitchen or breakroom areas, as well as back offices and employee restrooms. It is important to clean employee-only spaces to reduce the spread of germs and maintain a productive mindset. Many employees may find it hard to focus at their desks if all the spaces around them are cluttered and dirty.

Less frequently, perhaps once per month, other small office cleaning services should include buffing or waxing the office floors and dusting hard-to-reach areas and light fixtures. You’ll want to speak with different cleaning services near you to see if they also provide basic maintenance such as changing light bulbs or cleaning HVAC vents.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Office Space

A clean building represents an efficient, productive company. You do not want potential customers walking into your building only to notice dirty floors, dusty counters, and trash piling up. Present a positive impression by keeping your space clean, tidy, and sanitary.

Also, your employees spend the majority of their day in your building. Even in a small office, regular cleaning services create a safe working environment for them by removing germs and allergens. If employees do not feel well, they won’t be as productive, or they may not be able to work at all.

Finding A Small Office Cleaning Service Near You

Before hiring any janitors to clean your office, make sure a representative of their company does a walkthrough of your space and gives an exact quote of how often they will be able to come. Ask about their equipment and what types of chemicals they use in their cleaning—see if their products are environmentally friendly.

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