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Whether it’s a new building or a floor-to-ceiling renovation, a construction project can modernize your business and improve your workflows — but it sure does leave a mess. Before you can hand over the key to your newly refurbished facility, a final cleanup is in order. Leave your post-construction cleaning project to the experienced team at Seattle Commercial Cleaners.

Post-construction clean-up services are vital after a major renovation. The building crew leaves tons of dust and debris, so it’s a specialized job to get everything ready for customers again. Seattle Commercial Cleaners has industrial-grade tools and materials to efficiently clean your site so you can get back to business.

What Does the Post-Construction Cleaning Process Involve?

Our post-construction cleaning professionals will make sure that your newly constructed or renovated building sparkles from the floor to the ceiling. We pay attention to the smallest of details ranging from light fixtures to baseboards, horizontal ledges, and trims. Our services in Seattle include the following:

  • Removing blemishes, grime, and smudges from walls
  • Removing plastic or stickers from doors, windows, and furniture
  • Cleaning and polishing flooring, particularly around corners and edges
  • Power washing windows and frames
  • Dusting ceiling fans, heaters, and lights

Our goal is to free your facility of all lingering construction dust and debris so that it looks brand new.

Post-Construction Cleaning Step By Step

Our post-construction clean-up services in Seattle involve several steps: the rough, light, and final cleaning phases. We understand your timeline for reopening, and we work with your schedule to accomplish these phases as efficiently as possible.

1. Rough Post-Construction Cleaning

During this initial cleaning phase, we’ll remove all large items, including leftover materials, scraps, and garbage from your construction site. These include any items that can’t be vacuumed. We’ll also get rid of stickers from windows and doors.

2. Light Post-Construction Cleaning

This phase of the post-construction cleaning process requires the most time, resources, and cleaning equipment. We’ll pay special attention to spaces with appliances such as kitchens and restrooms. During this phase, we will thoroughly clean installed components such as cabinets, windows, toilets, and sinks. We’ll also clean surfaces where stickers were removed during the rough cleaning phase; these surfaces may include walls, doors, and glass areas.

Other services included in this stage include dusting, spot cleaning, damp mopping, damp-cleaning light fixtures, cleaning interior glass, and vacuuming.

3. Final Post-Construction Cleaning

Finally, our team at Seattle Commercial Cleaners will perform the finishing touches needed to make your construction site look spic and span. Your client will then be ready to move into their new space.

Why Choose Seattle Commercial Cleaners?

Seattle Commercial Cleaners has been providing top-tier janitorial services as well as other commercial cleaning services for more than 11 years. From post-construction cleaning to window cleaning, high dusting, and disinfection, our services are always tailored to each client’s unique needs.

With certification from EnviroStars, we use environmentally safe products wherever possible. In addition, we have earned a reputation for our high quality and integrity. We get the job done, and we get it done right.

We’ll be glad to visit your Seattle site and assess your cleaning needs before giving you an estimate on your project. In addition, we would be happy to set up a schedule of regular cleanings for you so that you’ll never have to worry about the cleanliness of your business establishment again — your next cleaning will always be on the books.

Get in touch with us for an estimate, and let’s take your building’s cleanliness to the next level.

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