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Maybe you’re a property manager who has just renovated an apartment building in Hillsboro, or perhaps you are expanding your business in Lake Oswego. While building projects are exciting, cleaning up after construction is a daunting task. The last thing you want is for a client to walk in and find dust on the windowsills. Fortunately, our Portland office specializes in post-construction cleaning.

With our after-construction clean-up services, the Seattle Commercial Cleaners team will transform your construction site and get it ready for business as usual. We’ll make sure that your newly remodeled facility is pleasant, clean, and welcoming for your clients in Portland.

What Is Post-Construction Cleaning?

At Seattle Commercial Cleaners, we will thoroughly clean your entire building following your building or renovation phase. This is necessary because although building contractors might clean up their garbage in general, they won’t perform any specific cleaning. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure that your facility is up to your standards. Our post-construction cleaning services in Portland include more than simply sweeping, washing carpets, and cleaning visible surfaces. They also include:

  • Getting rid of small debris and dust with a vacuum
  • Cleaning the threshold
  • Appropriately disposing of remaining trash
  • Double-checking the cleanliness of all inner surfaces, corners, and spaces

We can also notify you or your building contractors of any safety hazard, leak, or loose wire we spot during the cleanup process.

What Steps Are Involved in Post-Construction Cleaning?

Our after-construction clean-up services in Portland include multiple phases. We will work with you and your contractors to make sure that your deadlines and schedules are fulfilled.

1. Rough Cleaning

This step will occur at the tail end of your construction project or just after your construction project wraps up. This step might include scrubbing concrete or plywood to make sure that all new floors are installed properly. We will also dispose of large pieces, like leftover construction materials and debris. In addition, we will remove labels and stickers from windows and doors. Vacuuming the entire space is yet another task we’ll complete as part of this post-construction cleaning phase.

2. Light Cleaning

This phase is labor-intensive and requires a significant amount of equipment. During this stage, our specialists at Seattle Commercial Cleaners will make sure that all ledges, countertops, and floors are free of any dust build-up. We will also carefully clean all installations, such as counters, cabinets, windows, sinks, and toilets.

3. Final Cleaning

During this final step, we will apply last-minute finishes. This includes vacuuming or wiping up any dirt or dust that settled following the light cleaning step. We will also go back and wipe down left-behind markings, fingerprints, or smudges one last time.

Exterior Cleaning As Needed

If your project included some exterior work, we will do a final pass outside as well. This may involve picking up debris outside, wiping down the exterior sides of your windows, and ensuring that paint and caulk are finished properly. These steps could also take place during the light cleaning step — whatever works best for your construction project.

Partner with Seattle Commercial Cleaners Today

Seattle Commercial Cleaners is proud to be your go-to company when it comes to cleaning up after construction. In addition to offering high-quality post-construction cleaning services in Portland, we provide pressure washing, window cleaning, disinfecting services, and even high dusting.

We’re excited to be the one point of contact for all of your commercial cleaning needs. If you have multiple properties, we can easily arrange cleaning jobs at all of your locations with a single phone call. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services.

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