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Professional Cleaning That Managers and Tenants Will Love

Apartment complexes are often large, and any existing maintenance staff are usually busy responding to tenant calls. When common areas and hallways start collecting more dust than you can handle, it’s time to hire professional janitorial services. Our cleaning experts service apartment buildings in two locations, Seattle and Portland. Clean, bright surfaces help you attract new tenants and build rapport with existing ones. No matter how large the complex is, Seattle Commercial Cleaners is ready for the task.

Why You Need Apartment Building Janitorial Services

Our satisfied clients call us again and again because of our thoroughness, consistency, and the variety of services we offer from window cleaning to pressure washing.

We create a spotless environment for your tenants, ensuring that your building is a magnet for great people who love living there. If you’ve noticed any of these, your apartment building is overdue for professional cleaning.

  • Muddy hallways. Most apartment managers rarely have time to vacuum hallways consistently and thoroughly, but dirty carpets create a poor first impression for prospective tenants. Our cleaners keep your hallway carpets fresh and inviting.
  • Dirty exteriors. Especially in large complexes, grimy windows and a dirty facade make the building look neglected. Yet with our window cleaning and power washing services, your building turns the right heads.
  • Dusty ceilings. Your building may have beautiful architectural features, but unfortunately they rarely get cleaned. Seattle Commercial Cleaners has the proper equipment for high dusting to keep your foyer looking spectacular.
  • You’re drowning in tasks. It’s rent day. There’s someone moving in, someone moving out, and paperwork to do. Meanwhile, you’re waiting for a repairman to come fix one of the dryers. It never stops. You have enough to do, so lightening your load with professional cleaning just makes sense for your apartment.

Why Choose Us?

Our janitorial services work on regular, predictable contracts, so you will never have to wonder if a cleaner can squeeze you in to their schedule. If you manage multiple buildings, Seattle Commercial Cleaners gives you one point of contact. Arrange all of your interior and exterior cleaning services for multiple properties with a single phone call. We even restock consumables like toilet paper `and paper towel—whatever you require, let us know. All of our clients receive customized cleaning plans to meet their most urgent needs.

Choose Professional Cleaning For Your Apartment

When you’re tired of dirty carpets in the hallways and disastrous laundry rooms, pick up the phone and reach out to Seattle Commercial Cleaners.

We serve the Seattle metropolitan area as well as Portland, Oregon. Let the Pacific Northwest’s leaders in building janitorial services make your property spotless. Call at (206) 755-2949 for a customized quote. You have a building to run. Let us manage the cleaning.