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It can be difficult to keep on top of home maintenance tasks, but ignoring these tasks can often lead to serious consequences. Gutter cleaning in Seattle is one of these tasks that can easily be overlooked, but it’s important to consider what may happen if your rain gutters aren’t maintained properly. Here are a few reasons you should keep your gutters clean.


One of the biggest expenses a homeowner can face is replacing the roof, especially when the roof hasn’t lived out its expected lifespan. Fortunately, you can extend the roof’s lifespan by cleaning out the gutters regularly. Clogged up rain gutters from leaves and other debris causes rainwater to sit on the edge of the roof longer. The water pools up and eventually begins to penetrate through the roof layers, causing the roof structure to rot. This damage can even extend into the attic.  Regular gutter cleaning in Seattle, WA , helps direct water away from the roof so that it can’t pool and cause damage.


The fascia runs right below the rain gutters. If the gutters regularly overflow because they’re full of debris, the fascia will become soaked with water and wear out sooner than normal. Not only does this require fascia replacement, which can be expensive, but you also run the risk of damaging the gutter system itself because the gutter brackets attach to the fascia. As the fascia begins to sag from water damage, the brackets will experience additional stress, causing the gutters themselves to sag and work less efficiently.


Moisture attracts pests of many kinds. A wetter roof means it’s easier for things like fungi and algae to grow, which can be unsightly and harmful to the shingles and other roof structures. But in addition to pests that can actually grow on your roof, debris like leaves and twigs attracts other pests who may be looking for a place to build a nest. You may be dealing with more bugs like mosquitoes as well as larger pests like birds and rodents because of the extra debris and moisture on your roof and gutters.


It’s essential to keep your bushes, lawn, trees, and flowers watered, but it’s possible for some plants to have too much hydration. If rain gutters become clogged with debris the water will flow into surrounding flowerbeds, which can drown out seeds or water log plants so much that they begin to look unhealthy. Over-watering can be just as dangerous as under-watering.



Your home’s exterior suffers when the rain gutters aren’t working properly. As the excess water runs down the side of your home it can cause unsightly discoloration to stucco, masonry, and siding. In some cases this discoloration is more than just an aesthetic concern; you could actually be facing repair costs as well if the surface sustains water damage.


Another important thing to consider is how the foundation might suffer if the rain gutters aren’t properly directing water away from the home. Clogged rain gutters mean that the downspouts aren’t moving water in the right direction, and in many cases the water is pooling around the home’s foundation instead. This causes the soil around the foundation to expand and contract more frequently, potentially damaging the foundation.

Don’t let clogged gutters cause damage to your home. Contact us today to schedule your rain gutter cleaning.