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Greater Portland’s Janitorial Specialists

Is your facility in dire need of a good cleaning? Do you need more than a simple dusting? Janitorial services take care of both cleaning and disinfection of a multitude of areas in your commercial facilities. From your floors and furniture surfaces to your windows, the staff at Seattle Commercial Cleaners can offer you this and more when you opt for our commercial janitorial services.

The Signs You Need Commercial Janitorial Services

There are many signs that your facility needs commercial janitorial services. The most common sign of the need for professional cleaning is dirt or grime in some areas, while other surfaces appear to be faded and worn. In addition some other signs that it’s time to talk with a professional team about janitorial services include:

  • Odd smell
  • Stains and dust in multiple areas
  • Employees are getting sick.
  • You don’t have the time to deep clean your facility yourself.
  • Your staff no longer cleans the facility regularly.
  • You have a new building or business that requires professional cleaning.
  • You are hosting an event that requires extra attention to appearance on your part.

Industries We Provide Janitorial Services For

We provide janitorial services for a large range of commercial business in the Greater Portland area. Below are some of the many businesses we provide janitorial work for:

  • Banks
  • Bars and Night Clubs
  • Car Dealerships
  • Churches
  • Office Buildings
  • Gyms
  • Law Firms
  • Healthcare Facilites
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Schools
  • Small Businesses
  • Warehouses

Why Hire Seattle Commercial Cleaners for Janitorial Services?

We make it our business to know the right kind of cleaning solutions and chemicals for each area we clean. We can treat and sanitize any commercial facility from top to bottom without causing damage. Plus, our staff is trained not just in deep cleaning but also in customer service skills, so you have a team that will fully understand your needs. We also are fully insured for your peace of mind.
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What to Expect From Our Team

Janitor mopping floor at the entrance

When things go wrong, like when your contractor quits on you without notice, you’re often left scrambling to find someone to clean your building. Well, not anymore.

Our Portland-based janitorial services are designed around your needs, and our dedicated team of specialists will take care of everything for you down to the smallest details, leaving you with more time to get on with growing your business.

Our cleaning crews are highly trained and adequately equipped to handle all areas of janitorial services, including:

  • Cleaning the restroom area and restocking toiletries

Restrooms are often the dirtiest place in an office, and they deserve more than just a quick sweep and rinse of the counters. We carefully clean the toilets, urinals, sinks, and mirrors with a disinfectant cleaner. We also change out any paper products and toiletries you need restocked and sanitize the floor mats for your safety and comfort.

  • Gathering trash and emptying trash cans

Our Portland-based commercial cleaners will come to your office to gather up and segregate the trash, empty the cans and make sure everything is clean and orderly again. You don’t have time to go around picking up trash every day, so let us do it for you.

  • Vacuuming and dusting

We understand that vacuuming is not always done well or often enough. Many people don’t think about it until it becomes obvious. That’s why we have a team of highly trained professional cleaners in  Portland, Oregon, who can regularly come in and deep clean your carpets, upholstery, and horizontal surfaces to remove all dirt and dust that have collected over time.

  • Cleaning windows and other glass surfaces

Window cleaning is a specialty that requires experience and expertise. We use industrial techniques and professional-grade products to ensure that your windows are sparkling clean without any damage or scratches.

  • Disinfecting surfaces employees frequently come into contact with

To prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that can lead to illness, our Portland team of commercial cleaners carefully disinfects all surfaces in your office that people touch every day, including keyboards, telephones, doorknobs, and other frequently touched surfaces.

One Point of Contact for All Your Portland Cleaning

Clean Boardroom for meetings

We offer a full range of services to ensure that your site is always clean and presentable. From routine disinfection services to window cleaning and high dusting, we have the resources and expertise necessary to keep your working spaces looking their best.

If you manage a building in Hillsboro and another in Portland, you no longer have to go to the trouble of contacting multiple cleaning companies. With us, schedule all of your janitorial services with one phone call to our main office.

We Make It Simple

Seattle Commercial Cleaners has a quick and easy quote process. We only need information such as business type, square footage, and the frequency of the commercial cleaning you need. If you can’t think of everything we need to know, we’ll ask questions until we get all of the details needed to create the perfect plan tailored for your business.

To accommodate business resources, our cleaning crews are available during normal business hours as well. With this, you don’t have to worry about incurring utility bills after-hours.

Trust Janitors From Seattle Commercial Cleaners in Portland, OR

At Seattle Commercial Cleaners, we have over a decade of experience cleaning commercial spaces. We are fully insured, professionally trained, and dedicated to serving you with excellence. When you own or manage a business that serves the public, it is imperative that your facility is clean and sanitized at all times for the safety of all who enter your doors. You need a team who knows how to deep clean your facility correctly and can use the right cleaning products for your needs. We are that team. Contact us today to schedule an estimate for commercial janitorial services in Portland, OR!

For more information about janitorial services, or to schedule service, call us at 503-972-1893 or visit our contact page.